Missy & Hubert babies due approximately end of February with puppies ready to go home in April 2020

This will be Missys last litter and she will be retired to live out her life here at ElkRidge. 

Hubert is Shana McCann's of  VSgoldenfields.com  boy. He is imported from Serbia with great health clearances as well as genetically  all clear .  One little girl from these two will be staying right here with us as well =) 

Super excited for the pairing of Butter & Moose.  These puppies will have nice blocky heads. Stocky bodies  A nice straight & lighter color coat.  With Butter being a smaller female(55lbs) and Moose weighing in at 65/70 lbs their babies should be nice and compact without getting too big. Although Moose does have a tendency to make some big puppies. 

This is a repeat pairing of Danni & Moose. These two do make some pretty phenomenal puppies. Danni is a big girl (70/75lbs) and their puppies tend to be on the larger side. Males can weight up to 85lbs.