On Dec 15th Ally stopped eating her food. I didn't think to much about it with her being due any day and its very common for expectant moms to stop eating a few days before giving birth. On Dec 16th Ally became very ill with vomiting and diarrhea. So to the vet we went. On Dec 17th Ally had a c section and brought into the world 9 beautiful healthy babies. It was at that time the vet discovered a blockage in her intestines. A portion of Allys intestines were removed. Ally began to show some improvement then on Dec 20th I got the call. Ally had passed away. Between heart break and disbelief decisions had to be made on how to care for the puppies. Missy, who's puppies were then 5 weeks old, met me at the door with a basket full of puppies. It was almost like she knew she was their second mama. She ran over to the puppies and walked me to her area..laid down and waited for me to give her the babies. With tears and a broken heart I turned over the care of Allys babies to Missy. Although it has been incredibly saddening to lose Ms. Ally girl she has left behind 9 beautiful puppies who will carry part of her with them and for that I am so grateful. 

Puppies were born Dec 17th 2018 & will be ready for their furever homes Feb 11th 2019. Ally had 5 girls & 4 boys.

All Puppies will be PRCD,PRA1,PRA2,DM,MD,DEB,OI & SAN CLEAR.  

Allys Health Testing

 OFA Hips-Good   Elbows-Normal   Heart-Normal   Eyes-Normal

PRCD-Clear  PRA1-Clear  PRA2-Clear  DM-Clear  ICH-Carrier

DEB-Clear MD-Clear OI-Clear SAN-Clear

DNA-On File

Moose Health Testing

Hips-FCI A/A  PennHip .29/.25  OFA-Good 

Elbows-Normal  Heart-Normal  Eyes-Normal

PRCD-Clear  PRA1-Clear  PRA2-Clear  DM-Clear  ICH-Clear

DEB-Clear MD-Clear OI-Clear SAN-Clear

DNA-On File